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Is Summer here? Bananas are cheap again, mangoes even cheaper and there are sunburnt Brits sauntering about, which must mean its almost summer but it still feels cool for this time of year. For me it’s the season of numerous music festivals and furious hours spent scribbling over my new show. My comedy club, The Oyster Club has proved a great testing ground for Melbourne comics and the odd international act too. Alan Davies popped in the other week warming up for his ‘Life is Pain’ shows at the Athenaeum Theater, it was awesome to see such a packed house on a Tuesday in Melbourne.

Alan Davies (left) Nazeem Hussain (2nd left) Myself, Mat Keneally (right)

My show for next years Comedy Festival is coming along very nicely and shall be called ‘TROUBADOUR’ the fifth solo show in a series of shows with ‘door or dor’ somewhere in the title, Cellar Door, Open Door, Secret Door, Matador & Troubadour. These previous 5 shows are totally unrelated and the titling tool is just a gimmick that has made titling the first 5 shows quite easy but will prove to become more difficult as time rolls on, Salvador, Adore?

Troubadour is an autobiographical show that asks the question, ‘Is my life interesting enough to talk about for a whole hour?’ I’ve decided to put the ‘issues’ on the back burner this year and delve into my own past. To answer this question we will be using Edward De Bono’s ‘6 Thinking Hats Method’ An antiquated yet brilliant way of breaking up problem solving into different thinking systems. My only fear is this could end up being a bit of a sadistic self assassinating hate trap that could in the audience voting that my life is not interesting enough to talk about for an hour. Suffice to say there will be jazz, hats, wild gesturing and me, which is a pretty good hour already I think.

In the meantime I’ll be continuing with the Oyster Club, taking Comic Strip to the Adelaide Fringe and going to Christchurch in January to perform at the World Buskers Festival. I feel simultaneously proud and frightened to be going to Christchurch as it’s still fairly devastated and is being plagued by regular aftershocks. Last year I was there performing 2 weeks before the major quake  at the same festival.. On my second night there I was awoken at 4.30 in the morning by what I thought was some really powerful fucking in the room next to mine, only to realize that it was a mini quake. I sat in bed in the dark confused and unsure about what to do. I was on the 4th floor of the YMCA and I didn’t know whether to get under the bed or jump out the fucking window. The next morning all the other artists were very cavalier about the quake, which I found bizarre it seemed that a 4.9 magnitude aftershock was something they had all experienced regularly.

Hopefully this year having a bunch of comedians, carnies and performers from around the world will lift some spirits.

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