Monkeys with Syringes!!!

That’s what my girlfriend shouted to me as the macaque came torpedoing out of the Koh Lanta National parks Tourist Information Centre double doors. It was only holding a piece of powdered donut but at a distance it looked like a syringe. I’ve just got back from a holiday in Bangkok and that’s the most vivid memory, the others involve being pummelled and stretched by powerful Thai ladies who smelled like soap and whose hands could crush a child’s skull. There are some others, which involve too much food, beer and. Unfortunately none of the pictures involve monkeys with syringes, but the image still haunts me.

This morning I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jon Ronson, author of ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ and most recently ‘The Psychopath Test’ We spoke on Jon Faines conversation hour about the nature of psychopathy, psychopaths and the treatments of them. There is a 20-point psychopahty test that Bob Hare created as a way to indentify potential psychopaths and as the interview continued I found myself ticking points off my own checklist. Luckily my amygdale was functioning well and making me to feel so anxious about the possibility of having  psychopathic tendancies that I knew that I couldn’t be one. If I was indeed a psychopath I wouldn’t of been worried I was a psychopath, that’s one of the fundamentals, no fear, concern or empathy i.e.- no functioning amygdale. It was worrying to know that 1% of the population are most likely to be psychopaths and that 4% of CEO’s are likely to be psychopaths. More alarming is that its nature not nurture that causes most people to develop into psychopaths and it’s almost impossible to cure with 60% of dangerous psychopathic criminals re-offending. All in all, an enlightening but scary morning of morbid psychopathic fascination with one of my new favorite authors and gonzo journo’s Jon Ronson.







Here’s the podcast link-

In closing my new stand up night will be starting on the 18th of October and running every Tuesday for Five Weeks.

So, ah hum, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’

Red Bennies in association with Asher Treleaven is proud to present a new comedy night each Tuesday in October and November, The New Oyster Club. With the Melbourne Comedy Festival a mere 6 months away material needs to written, jokes need to be tested and shows need to be sharpened. All over Melbourne comedians are furiously scribbling away in the darkness trying to craft next years hit show. If only there was an amazing venue with great crowds where they could test their freshest new gags?

Voila, welcome to The New Oyster Club. A new stand up comedy night for Melbourne’s comedians to test new material. So if you love Melbourne comedy, your going to love seeing comics such as Dave Callan, Felicity Ward, Dave Thornton, Nazeem Hussain, Aahmer Rahman, Mathew Keneally, Asher Treleaven, Celia Pacquola, Justin Hamilton & Hannah Gadsby try out new material for their upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival shows. The New Oyster Club runs Tuesdays in October and November from 7.30, please check the Red Bennies website for weekly line-ups and special deals.


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