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Hello Faithful Readers,

Firstly I must apologies for not keeping up the same regularity of desperate emails that many of you received during the comedy festival. I know how exciting it is for each and every one of you, to receive regular emails about the same thing but with extra ‘INSENTIVE’ & ‘NEEDLESS CAPITILIZATION.’

Since the Melbourne Comedy Festival I have been on ‘tour’ with the Comedy Festival Roadshow, visiting some of my favorite towns in far north QLD. The most exciting was of course, Mt Isa. A place I briefly lived as a child. If you’ve never been before just try to picture a magical pit mine surrounded by caravan parks inhabited solely by sex offenders! I enjoyed the delightful company of Colin Lane, Tommy Little, Dayne Rathbone, Cal Wilson, Tommy Dean, Xavier Michelaides, Claire Hooper, LoReTA MaiNE and Tom Deacon. 

Nazeem and I competed in ‘Roadshow Masterchef’ with our dish of Cyprian Cous-cous and interesting chicken, however we lost to Gideon James, LOreTTa MainE and Anthony Noaks Mexican/Chines Taco-choi-bao.Tommy Dean is by far the best person to go on Roadshow with, as he has the worlds largest collection of board games, and when you are in veritable fun houses like ‘Downsville and Mt Isa,’ board games are a fucking must.

I’ve decided to take a year off UK touring to spend some time at home; so to occupy myself I’ve booked into festivals all around the country so keep your eyes peeled and your social media share button at the ready. I’m taking my new show, Bad Dandy to Sydney, Darwin and Adelaide. All that info will be on the Gigs page of my website. For all you Melbourne people I’ll be playing all the regular rooms around town; Softbelly, The Butterfly Club, The Shelf and The Local so if you’re up for giggle keep an eye on my Twitter as I’ll no doubt be tweeting about it.

Still on the Melbourne front, I’ve a very exciting project coming up in the Melbourne Fringe called: The Experiment. It’s a kind of ‘anti-comedy comedy club’ with Carribean music, someone’s small dog and the best of Melbourne’s odd-ball (fuck I hate that word) comics. At the moment I’ve conscripted Barry Nominee – John Conway, Newcomer Nominee – Dayne Rathbone, velvet monkey Oliver Clarke, Geraldine Hickey, Rob Hunter, Madelaine Tucker, Randy, Sabrina D’angelo and fuckload’s more. The dream is to have the funniest weird comedy night in Australia. If there was a mission statement or an elevator pitch it would be, ‘Weirdo’s doing excellent weird stuff’ or ‘Comedians bravely going where none have gone before.’ It’s going to be amazing and I really hope we start something and make some history, there are so many fantastic unusual and interesting comedians out there and I want to give them a place to fuck around. The way I see it, Melbourne has the lion’s share of Australia’s best comedians, that coupled with the kind of crowds we have here should make for some unforgettable nights. I’ve been given carte blanche by the Melbourne Fringe to go all out, and by the fucking might of Zeus that’s what I intend doing.

Please feel free to let me know if my punctuation has improved as someone wrote back to me, (sorry I’ve lost the email) alerting me to my terrible punctuations and grammar. Fucking Public School education! Any and all suggestions are welcome for making the blog better.



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