Happy Holidays

It’s almost time to call time and take a well-earned holiday before next year. It’s been an excellent year for comedy and by that I mean the right and centrist right have flourished, homophobia and xenophobia are accepted facets of any Australian political debate and my new show is pretty much ready.

Next year is a big year of touring for me plus the premiere of my new show Troubadour at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Troubadour is an autobiographical show that asks the pivotal question, ‘is my life interesting enough to be an autobiography?’ I’ll be performing it in the beautiful Deluxe tent in City Square next to the Town Hall at 7pm Tues to Sat and earlier on Sunday.

For Adelaidians I’ll be bringing  ‘Comic Strip’ back to the Garden of Unearthly Delights for more late night bawdiness, showcasing the best Burlesquers from around the world and my favourite comedians from around the Fringe. I’ll be dropping into the Brisbane Comedy Festival with ‘Matador’ and taking my 2010 show ‘Secret Door’ to the first inaugural Perth Comedy Festival before taking myself to the UK for 5 month’s of hard graft.

You can find all the information on the Gigs page of the site.

Next year I’ll be making my first foray into TV writing after I won the Open Channel funded Short and Sharp pitching competition for my educational comedy doco ‘On Becoming a Man’ I’m looking forward to working with the excellent Steve Luby from Ruby Entertainment on making the pitch a reality.

In the meantime take care be well and I’ll see you in the new year, and with Christmas coming up I’d like you all to think of those less fortunate than you.


xx Asher

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