Edinburgh Fringe 2011 ‘Before’

Tomorrow I go to Kings Cross Station and begin my annual pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2011. This year there are over 2,200 shows in the Fringe, which is an intimidating number and this doesn’t take into account the street shows and some of the free shows and renegade performances around the fringe. As I sit on the threshold of my 5th Edinburgh I’m wondering, why am I doing this and what will happen to me physically and mentally over the month? In short is Edinburgh killing me?

So I thought I’d do a before and after blog to chart the emotional ups and downs and physical changes over this most lengthy of months. At the moment I feel simultaneously nervous and excited, a state that most performers can relate to. Comedians describe Edinburgh fringe philosophically in all manner of ways as this helps to assuage the damage it causes them. I’ve heard it described as a marathon, a dance, a race and a feast and it’s all of those things, (see I’m about to get esoteric) but most of all its a month of thrilling highs and lows. Each year I try my best to manage with some kind of mantra. The mantra is to help with ongoing personality malfunctions or bad patterns of behaviour. For instance in the past they have been,

  • Don’t read any press or reviews
  • Read all the press and reviews and get a thicker skin
  • Don’t get jealous of other performers
  • Tell people exactly what you think of them
  • Try not to drag personal shit on stage during the show
  • If there are only three people in the audience give them the best show you can. Etc.

This year my mantra is, don’t self-obsess Basically. It seems achievable, I have a publicist and a producer who can do that for me and absorb any bad criticism of the show. All I have to do is take my iPhone and my computer and smash them with a hammer or alternatively develop an anti solipsism app that prevents one from searching for one self.  I’m going to rate myself as a human comedian using the following process. At the end of the fest I’ll tally the minutes spent seeking consolation, advice and direction and compare them to the minutes spent inquiring persons other than myself and hopefully the result will mean B will be larger than A. If not I’ll have failed as a well-adjusted normal human being and I’ll retire to a cave like that creepy guy in Perfume. I’m also going to monitor my  physical well-being, here are my  stats before the festival, which may change dramatically over the month.

  • Weight- 89kg
  • Height- 186cm
  • Blood Pressure- good
  • BFI- healthy

There is a lot of life packed into August in Scotland and when it comes to philosophical analogies  I prefer Simon Munnery’s, “Its not a race its a dance, a long beautiful dance”

Asher Treleaven 1/8/11 BEFORE








This picture has no real relevance to the experiment but I just think its hilarious.I’m one week in at the moment and this is what I saw on the way to a meeting today.

I’m so glad I spent all my money on big cock posters.

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