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Hello Reader,

I’ve been a little lax since the Edinburgh Fringe with my blogging and left wing ranting as I’ve been pouring all my time into other creative endeavours at the moment, like my new Stand Up show for 2013. As I search the giant library slash toilet wall that is the Internet for ideas and inspiration I come across all manner of wondrous bullshit. At the moment I have an appetite for Ted Talks as they provoke marvellous ideas and inspiration when one is feeling a little bereft of the muse.

Here is a collection of three talks that blew my hair all the way back.  If you’ve not heard of Ted, check the website and the ‘playlists’ section, which is particularly helpful and interesting who knows you may discover you and Glenn Close have more in common than you think.

The first is by Paul Stamets and its called ‘6 Ways Mushrooms can Save the World’ and its seriously fucking mind blowing.


The second is by Michael Specter and its called ‘The Danger of Science Denial’ Its one of the greatest anti-bullshit talks I’ve heard


The final talk is by Charlie Todd and its far lighter and more joyous than the previous two. Its on the ‘Shared Experience of Absurdism’ and I do believe it will brighten your day.


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